AMMI 8269 N95 Particulate Respirator 20 Box


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N95 Surgical Flat Fold Disposable Respirator Manufactured in North America.  Alpha Medical Manufacturing was formed and developed and achieved certification for a North American Manufactured device as a result of the shortage encountered at the start of the Covid Pandemic.  Alpha produces a high quality, fitted respirator for protection of the wearer against exposure to dusts fumes and mists encountered in the environment. The surgical classification means additional testing is performed over the standard NIOSH particular respirator making it suitable for prevention of exposure to bodily fluids in the surgical operating theater, this additional testing includes flammability, bacterial filtration efficiency, and bio compatibility to ensure the product does not create irritation or sensitization to the wearers skin. In addition the CSA certification requires head band strength testing as well as fit testing of the respirators against a standard to ensure that the product fits 70% of the target face sizes.  KN respirators and standard NIOSH particulate respirators are not fit tested as only respirators with secure fits are able to provide maximum protection against exposure.  Alpha respirators meet all of the standards and are tested by lot as per the military standards in the facility to ensure high quality product is released for sale and that lot tracking and recall procedures are in place as per the companies quality management program.

The respirator is manufactured from 100% high quality polypropylene non-wovens exceeding testing standards.

Universal and Large Sizes Available

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Support Canadian Manufactured PPE. Manufactured in Tracadie New Brunswick,Canada.

CSA Approved 95PFE-L3 Canada Listed under Interim Order for Surgical N95.

Box of 20 individually Sleeved 8269-Surgical-N95 Respirators

CSA Approved tested to 42 cfr part 84 Standard including Particle Filtration Efficiency, Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, Breathing Resistance, Blood Penetration, Head band attachment strength, Fit Testing, and Bio Compatibility Testing.

The respirator is manufactured from 100% high quality polypropylene non-wovens exceeding N95 testing standards.

Universal fit for large medium and small faces sizes.

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 5 cm


1 review for AMMI 8269 N95 Particulate Respirator 20 Box

  1. Shelly Invermere

    I tried everywhere to get N95 Masks but could find them anywhere. After seeing this company on CBC I contacted them and I received the masks a couple days later. The masks really fit me and my wife. We both work in the hospital and have used a variety of N95 but these ones gave us peace of mind because they really stay to your face with a good seal.

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