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The first CSA approved flatfold N95 Surgical Respirator 

5 Layers of Protection

Five Layer of latex free fabric tested for bio-compatibility . These layers include two layers meltblow for filtration , hot air cotton for breathability and polypropylene for comfort .

Head Band Straps

Not all masks created equally. Our headband straps (not earloop) actually hold the mask to your face and create a seal to protect you from hazardous environements. It takes over 3.2kg of force to break a strap, far above industry standard of 2kg.


We understand having to work inside fastpaced environments and that breathing in a mask is sometime difficult. We test all our masks to ensure the breathabily is much easier then the regulated level. Our respirator passes with score a 14mmH2O. That is half of the maximum allowable result.



The term N95 come from the idea that the mask material will filter over 95% of particulate. Our raw material and completed masks, test at a rate of 99% and higher.

Individually wrapped

Each respirator is individually sleeved to ensure devices can be distributed and are uncontaminated until they are required, making them ideal for first responders and personnel transporting the device to the point of use.


Carefully seclected material with upgraded nosewire that maintains custom contour of wearers nose bridge. This combined with head straps ,maintains a high level of comforts and a sealed fit.

Our Mask Manufacturing Facility

Right in the heart of Acadian New Brunswick  

Alpha Medical Manufacturing Inc is in the process of installing a 10-line production facility in Tracadie for production into the eastern Canadian market as well as production for clients in the United States. Building has been purchased and the equipment has been installated with production ramping up through 2021. At full capacity the 10-line facility will produce 14 million N95 flat fold masks per month.  The company has received  approval for its Surgical N95 Respirator by Health Canada  and has past all the testing and auditing criteria for CSA. The facility will benefit the local economy with new investment and provision of 50 permanent fulltime jobs.  The facility will import raw materials from Asia and will include mask production equipment, packaging and warehousing installed in a clean room environment.

Our respirators have been tested to the surgical standard, inclusive of blood penetration, flammability, bacterial filtration efficiency, particle filtration efficiency, breathing resistance and fit testing, which exceeds the particle-based testing standards for standard non-medical N95 respirators. Alpha 8269-Surgical-N95 respirators are listed as approved on the Health Canada Website.

Alpha Medical Manufacturing Inc and its associated companies are totally committed to delivering satisfaction to our customers by providing them with high quality products and services that are continuously monitored for defects through sound and sustainable continued improvement practices. 

We will continuously strive to improve our manufacturing and distribution performance, by deploying the best quality strategies and tools available to us. Additionally, we will endeavor to always update and understand the requirements of our jobs and the systems and procedures that sustain us, through employing quality teams, training our workers, and by establishing a culture of responsibility and accountability. We will aggressively confirm and verify the security of our supply chains and continuously be vigilant to ensure counterfeit products cannot enter our product lines. 

Our dedication to quality must be absolute and cannot be compromised. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction through quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

An N95 mask is a disposable filtering facepiece respirator with two straps. When worn properly (with the mask making a tight seal with the user’s face), it can protect against hazardous airborne particles.  

The N95 is designed to provide protection against particulate such as dust, fumes, aerosols, and smoke. It is also effective against biological particles such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, animal dander and allergens. It is also  effective against aerosolized droplets.

Respirator fit is checked by performing a “fit test” before wearing an N95 and annually thereafter. Our “fit test” is performed with a TSI Portocount plus quantitative calibrated testing machine. The “fit test” is specific to the make, model, and size of N95 respirator.

Meet our Team

We have a diverse team that is  specialized in Manufacturing and Safety 

Ms. Pallot, a native of Tracadie New Brunswick, is the founder of Alberta Safety First and Alpha Plus Health and Safety. She has developed and grown her company in  provision of health and safety products and services to industry and medical institutions.

Mr. Fritzel, a native of Salmon Arm BC, has extensive experience in construction, and management of manufacturing facilities producing regulated goods and products under strict quality management systems. 

Mr. Buck , a native of St. Albert AB, has an extensive background in project managment  and quality management.   

What Our Clients Say

We follow up after every sale 

"Our staff is releived to have a mask that won't come off, the really stay on your face"
Francine Brideau
"We no longer have concerns with the potential contamination of masks. The individiual wrapping gives us piece of mind"
Michael William
Fire Cheif

Our Goal is to protect first responders and the  public against Covid 19 

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